Notes to Parents


Clayton Smith

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We’ll Miss You Clayton
Written by Hollie Rodgers

We will always remember
the way you made us laugh,
th goofy smile you would show
in all the photographs.
The silly little you would do
the dumb stuff you’d say,
was all in an effort
to brighten our day.
The looks you would receive
at the odd clothes you’d wear,
all the laughs you would get
when you messed up all your hair.
The school spirit you showed
when you cheered for our team,
the fact that you are gone
still seems like a bad dream.
The questions that you would ask
that made the class smirk,
there was just something about you
those great funny quirks.
The memories we have of you
are all one of a kind,
you will always be with us
in our hearts and in our minds.
You were one of those guys
we always wanted to be with,
we loved you so much superman
we’ll miss you Clayton James Smith.

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