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What are the drugs that are killing kids today? It’s not only the typical street drugs, it’s the drugs in YOUR medicine cabinet!!! Lock up, hide, or otherwise secure your prescription drugs so that your kids can’t get at them!!

All types of common prescription drugs are being abused today, including pain killers, muscle relaxers, anti-inflammatory, mood stabilizers, pain patches, sleep aids, and even prescription cough medicines. In addition, over-the-counter cold pills and syrups are being abused. Many of these drugs are not being taken by their intended method but are being altered to intensify the affects. Pills are crushed and snorted and patched are cut open and eaten.

Watch for signs that your kids may be abusing these drugs. Look for pill boxes, pill cutting and crushing devises, cut off drinking straws, power residues, missing pills, prescription bottles (with or without the labels removed), pipes, bongs, cigarette rolling papers, hidden liquor bottles and beer cans, patches and there wrappers, and any over the counter medications or wrappers that you did not buy for them.

If you see any of these signs, FIND A WAY TO DEAL WITH THE SITUATION IMMEDIATELY!!! The life you save may be your own child’s.

We hope that you find this website helpful.

May God bless you and best wishes to you and your family.

In Loving Memory of Clayton
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Clayton Smith

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