Notes to Parents


Clayton Smith

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Mother’s Day Poem

Mother’s Day or ordinary day
for me it’s hard to tell
Another Holiday without Clayton
an empty feeling I’m learning to well
I have no Mother to give a gift
No Sunday “Family Dinner” for me
I no longer have Clayton
I wonder how this can all be
Clayton’s in Heaven with my Mother
Granny Brenda – We loved her so
why I am left here without them
I guess that only God knows
Although I miss them very much
God has a plan for me
and HE will see me through this
in that I strongly believe
As I drive to the cemetery once again
to visit Mom and Clayton’s  graves
I will be praying that God keeps me strong
so that hopefully…another life I can save
My Mother lost her life…due to ill health
and that I can understand
But why ADULTS gave my Son drugs
an answer from them I demand!!
Because of them I’m left childless
he was only seventeen
A son, brother and friend
with so many hopes and dreams
I still can’t believe he’s gone
Yes, it’s them I fully blame
I hope if they ever read this
They hang their heads in shame!!
Another Holiday with an empty space
Mom, give him a kiss for me
We love and miss him dearly
no one can ever take his place

Written by Clayton’s Mother


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