Notes to Parents


Clayton Smith

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My Star That Looks Down Upon Me
Written by Jeffery Copeland

My star that looks down upon me,
is unlike any other.
My star that looks upon me,
is someone like a brother.
The star that looks down on me,
is my best friend that died in November.
He has so many things to do in Heaven,
but always has time to shine upon me.
He always made me smile when he was with me.
He always made me laugh.
And now he reminds me of those times,
when he shines upon me.
Just like the clouds blocking the stars,
they seem like they aren’t there.
God taking Clayton out of this world,
it seems so unfair.
I know I can’t see Clayton,
because God has taken him home.
But in my heart I know he is still there.
My star that shines upon me.


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