Notes to Parents


Clayton Smith

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Teardrops As Rain
Author Unknown

As I look outside my window and I see the glorious rain
I know that your no longer in sorrow or in pain.
I know the drops that fall aren’t of God’s alone
they are teardrops of joy and happiness of your very own.
And your now better off and God has another son.
And we will remember the memories
we made if joy and fun.
Your death was not in vain
though we miss you very much,
because we know you carry with you
our never ending love.
And we will always remember
our hero who taught us well.
Not only of life and compassion and of care.
You taught us to live each day
like never before.
And with each passing moment
we love you more and more.
And we could never forget you
even if we tried,
And we thank God we don’t have to say goodbye.
For your life hasn’t ended
we know we’ll see you again,
but until then,
We love you, our Forever Young Superman, {Clayton James Smith.}


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