Notes to Parents


Clayton Smith

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Summer is here
another change in the season
You’re no longer with us
we all know the reason

What I wouldn’t give to see
you kneeboarding on the lake
Who would have ever guessed you’re life
God would decide to take

Although I know
I should not be bitter
This all still seems
so much like a riddle

When I look into the mirror
a strangers face I see
How can you be gone
Who is this person looking at me

Without you, I am lost
how can this all be true
This wasn’t supposed to happen to us
and especially not to you

I spend each day
trying to mask my feelings
I’m so lost inside
my emotions are reeling

At times I don’t know
whether to laugh or to cry
You’re in a better place
with Jesus at you’re side

I feel you’re presence daily
and I know I have to be strong
For you are with me always
and I will never be alone

Heavenly father be with me
each and every day
Allow me to dream of Clayton
I miss him more each and every day

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