Notes to Parents


Clayton Smith

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Written by Clayton’s mother

This is one of many memories
for me as Clayton’s mother,
as for Clayton James Smith
there will never be another.

As your mother words can’t describe
the pride that I felt,
when you walked out in your casual clothing
you made our hearts melt.

Blowing kisses to the judges
you were having so much fun,
I’m so proud to be your mother
most of all I’m proud you are my son.

The formal competition was going to be next
you said all the guys were just in it for fun,
little did we know at that very moment
our excitement for the evening had just begun.

Into the dressing room I went
to help you get formally dressed,
having no idea
you would look such a mess.

You were having such a great time
Mr. Calm, cool, and collected,
but I couldn’t believe my eyes
at the not so formal clothes you had selected.

You had said nothing fancy would be allowed
all the guys had agreed,
as far as formal wear was concerned
you had said there was no need.

I tried to tell you
that you should dress up really nice,
but sometimes teenage boys
do not take their mother’s advice.

I knew when all the mothers
heard what their son’s were doing,
tuxedos, suits, jackets and ties
they would be pursuing.

When I walked into that dressing room
and saw how the other guys were dressed,
I knew in an instant you had realized
that mom really does know best.

Khaki pants and unironed shirt
you and said “no need to make a fuss”,
at point I really wished
that I had rented you a tux!

While looking at me with fear in your eyes
wondering what to do,
your friend Adam had an extra tux
and came to your rescue.

Thank you Adam
for letting Clayton borrow that tux,
thank God for friends
that help out when times get tough.

This borrowed tuxedo
fit you very well,
the fact that it was borrowed
no one could tell.

With the outfit problem solved
we looked down at your shoes,
they didn’t match white satin
you said “Mom now what do we do”?

I walked out to Jon in the audience
and said “Clayton’s borrowed tux looks really neat,
but I’m sorry to tell you sweetie
we need the shoes off your feet”.

He looked at me so funny
and said “but what will I wear”,
then off came his shoes
you should have been there.

Onto the stage you came out strutting
crooked smile, borrowed tux and shoes,
you stole our hearts again
so thrown together but they never knew.

The other guys it all seemed
they were a bit more organized,
but when it was all said and done
it was you that took the prize!

As your mother, I swear
I felt so very proud,
and I was screaming it out loud!

The memories of that night
I will never forget,
but the fact that drugs took your life
I will forever regret.

We are all given choices
and the right ones we must make,
for if we don’t our lives also
God may choose to take.

You are not here this year
to crown the new king,
so I will crown him for you
while you are listening to th angels sing.

As for Mr Valentine
he is smiling down on us from above,
God give us strength to get through this
please continue to shower us with your love.

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