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Clayton Smith

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The First Spring

Spring time is here
blooming flowers and budding trees,
I wish Clayton was here
to enjoy the beauty with me.

The flowers that he planted
for me last year in the fall,
are coming up all over
growing strong and tall.

Each time a new one blooms
I feel it’s a gift from above,
just another reminder
of Clayton’s precious love.

Along with spring comes Easter
God’s promise of new life,
a promise of a better place
where there is no grief or strife.

Clayton played the role of Jesus
at Church two years ago,
I sat and cried while watching him
play such an important role.

Standing ovation at the end
not a dry eye in the place,
what a wonderful job he did
at showing God’s Loving Grace.

In heaven with the lord
is now where he resides,
but we will never be alone
for he is always by our side.

Written by Clayton’s Mother
April 2004

Clayton Smith

Easter Program

Easter Program

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