Notes to Parents


Clayton Smith

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November I faced my biggest fear
every parents nightmare
I found his lifeless body
his soul was no longer there

December went by
with a feeling of void
How do I enjoy Christmas
when my life has been destroyed

January came along
ringing in a new year
Its now been eight weeks
without Clayton here

 February I stood in his place
to crown the new Valentine king
His friends had a surprise for me
and “BETTER PLACE” they did sing

March is a month
that always brought us joy
He would have turned 18
but he was still my baby boy

April brings us showers
so the saying goes
My tears fall with the rain
as I watch his flowers grow

May was like torture
with Graduation and Mother’s Day
Dear God please be with me
this is harder than words can say

June brought to us our summer
and another year older for me
But how do I celebrate my birthday
without Clayton, how can this all be

July is for independence
our nation and all its glory
Clayton always loved fireworks
watching them this year is a different story

August was going to be the start
of college days for him
All of his friends have now started
I pray DRUGS don’t kill them

September shows signs of Autumn
another change in the seasons
This is a dreaded time for me
God knows all of my reasons

October is spent remembering
the first year is drawing near
I wish I had known last year
I had only one month with him still here

November completes the first year
what more can I say
I miss him more now
than I did yesterday

In Loving memory of
Clayton Smith
Written by Clayton’s Mother
Donna Forstrom


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