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Do's and Don'ts for Concerned Parents

I.       Don’t threaten, scream, or overreact.
II.      Don’t accept getting high or drunk as “normal.”
III.     Don’t confront the adolescent when he/she is high or drunk.
IV.     Don’t blame or make excuses for the person abusing alcohol
         or drugs.
V.      Don’t patronize or condone their abnormal behavior.
VI.     Don’t give up the ship and accept the adolescent as a loser.
         There are no hopeless cases. Chances of recovery are better
         than average with appropriate treatment and initial
         motivation is not a prerequisite.

I.       Do talk to the adolescent only after affects on intoxication
         have worn off.
II.      Do express your concern, love, and willingness to help.
III.     Do allow the adolescent to experience the consequences
         of his/her behavior, even though these consequences may
         be painful or embarrassing.
IV.    Do use community resources to become knowledgeable
         about alcoholism and chemical dependency.
V.     Do become involved with ‘Families Anonymous’ and/or
         Al-Anon in your community.
VI.    Do seek help from professionals specifically trained in
         alcoholism and chemical dependency.

Clayton Smith

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