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Children’s Attitude Motivation Program

What is C.A.M.P.? C.A.M.P. is a joint effort of the Roane County Anti-Drug Coalition, Clayton's Lesson, the Roane County Sheriff's Department and the Tennessee National Guard Counter Drug Division. Qualifying cadets are selected by their Juvenile Probation Officer and are court ordered to attend by the Juvenile Judge. Roane County Juvenile Judge Dennis Humphrey stated that the organization of C.A.M.P. was “spearheaded by Mrs. Forstrom (Clayton’s Mother)”.


C.A.M.P. is a six week program planned to address the needs of children who are involved in the Juvenile Court System. And also to assist the parents/guardians of children that feel a need for help in teaching their child to function within the norms of society. Roane County C.A.M.P. was first started in the Summer of 2005 and is still going strong. There are currently 12 counties in the Middle and East Tennessee areas that participate in C.A.M.P. programs.


Clayton Smith

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