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Clayton’s Lesson was conceived in November 2003 after the death of Clayton James Smith. Clayton was a seventeen year old senior at Oliver Springs High School in Oliver Springs Tennessee when he lost his life to an accidental drug overdose. Clayton wanted to become a teacher and on the day he passed away the staff and students at his High School themed his death a lesson, a bittersweet lesson that drugs kill.

Immediately after Clayton’s untimely passing his family and friends became active in the community speaking about anti-drug awareness. We feel we have been successful in helping to educate people in our community on a subject sometimes considered “Taboo,” while assuring that Clayton’s death was not in vain.

In February of 2004 Clayton’s Lesson joined forces with the Roane County Anti-Drug Coalition. It was said that the addition of Clayton’s Lesson brought vibrant energy to the also newly formed RCADC. Clayton’s mother Mrs. Donna Forstrom is a member of the Board of Directors for RCADC where she has served as Chairperson in the past and is currently serving as Treasurer.

The mission statement for Roane County Anti-Drug Coalition is to educate and raise awareness of substance abuse that pertains to Roane and surrounding Counties. As of October 2007, thanks to Federal and State Grants RCADC is able to have three paid staff members.

Due to the alarming numbers of drug overdose deaths within our community, the RCADC staff members along with several volunteers in our community are working diligently to increase Anti-Drug awareness. Click the link below to view RCADC’s website.

Roane County Anti-Drug Coalition


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